Guide to Buying a Sportfishing Yacht

Guide to buying a sportfishing yacht

Posted August 20, 2018

Sportfishing yachts are designed to appeal to boaters who desire a combination of speed, comfort, and practicality in their fishing pursuits. As they range greatly in their size and design, we asked one of our yacht sales specialists, Dirk Boehmer, more about this boat type and how to narrow down which model Sportfish is right for you.

What are the most popular Sportfish brands today?

"There are really two types of yachts that are designed for fishing, which are traditional convertibles and center consoles. Currently, Viking sells the majority of convertible-style sportfish yachts, and the center console market has expanded to many different manufacturers. The main center console manufacturers are Boston Whaler, Everglades, Edgewater and Scout."

How can boaters decide which Sportfish design is right for them?

"A well-equipped Sportfish yacht will have rod holders, fish-finding electronics, GPS, and the right fishing gear depending on what you are fishing for. Choosing which boat is right for you all depends on the experience you would like to have onboard. It depends on your budget, if you want to overnight on the yacht, and the running costs that you are willing to maintain.

If you would like to have a crew overnight, then a convertible may be the way to go. If you want to stay dry while fishing in 6 foot plus conditions, then a convertible is also the best way to go. Depending on your budget, you can spend over a million dollars on a large center console, when a smaller model will get you out there fishing just as well."

"Overall, the most important questions to consider before buying a specific Sportfish boat are: Has the yacht been well cared for? Are there updated service records? What changes need to be made to the yacht to fit your own fishing preferences?

Working with a professional yacht broker becomes a huge advantage when narrowing down your search. Using industry resources, your yacht broker will be able to provide a detailed sales history of any boat available on (and off) the market. In addition, using their extensive boating knowledge, your broker can advise you on whether a specific boat will meet your needs or if others on the market represent a better value."

What should boaters expect from the performance capabilities of a Sportfishing yacht?

"Many Sportfish owners are very technically savvy and are most interested in the mechanics of the yacht. Performance statistics are always one of the first questions I’m asked from my clients looking at this boat type.

Sportfishing boats are designed to provide a very solid ride and are generally built to handle much rougher waves than cruising yachts. On convertible-style yachts, this is created by having the engines located further forward, providing a better center of gravity. Also, the larger-flared bow allows Sportfish yachts to push through waves at higher speeds while delivering a dry ride. Sportfishing yachts are designed to go fast, so you can quickly get to fishing grounds and back, allowing for as much time as possible to have lines in the water before weighing in at the dock."

What can buyers look for in a Sportfish yacht in terms of resale value?

"The most important thing is the overall condition of the yacht. To maximize its resale value, updated service records and a yacht that looks well cared for is much more important than having the latest electronics. The latest toys and equipment are important, but without the boat’s ‘bones’ in good shape, its amenities have less impact in the overall perceived value of the vessel."

Sport fishing is an activity that families have been enjoying for generations. Whether you are fishing with 8 lines in the water and a professional crew competing for thousands of dollars, or teaching your kid how to watch a bobber off the side of a 20 foot center console, it is an activity that brings us closer to nature and provides a sense of accomplishment when you get to hold up that fish."

SYS Yacht Sales offers used Sportfishing yachts for sale worldwide, including express, flybridge, convertible, enclosed bridge, center console models and more. Contact Dirk Boehmer to learn more about the current Sportfish yachts available on the market that will meet your needs.

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