Vicem Yachts for Sale

One of the world’s largest and most respected builders of classic luxury motor yachts.

The beauty of the Vicem Yacht Series is derived from the smooth performance and beautiful interior woodworking style of each vessel. Simply stated, Vicem is a company with a mission: To blend craftsmanship borne from 3,000 years of finely honed woodworking skills with the most advanced technologies available. Their goal is to produce yachts that fully satisfy “The happy few.”

An unwavering devotion to quality is the star around which Vicem’s three key values orbit: Total Customization, Timeless Design, and Excellence in Craftsmanship. Their luxury yachts range from 44 to 151 feet; each yacht is tailored to meet the specific demands of the owner. Whether it is selecting a model in stock or building a custom yacht, starting with a sketch on a napkin to a computer generated 3-D model, Vicem will surely amaze you with their fit, finish and design.

Discover why the Vicem Yachts Vulcan Line featuring the 151 foot (46 Meter), 119 foot (36 Meter) Tri Deck, 112 foot Raised Pilot House (32 Meter), the Cruiser Line 107, 96, and 82, the Classic and Flybridge Line, 80 Flybridge, 77 Flybridge, 71 Flybridge, 64 Classic, 64 Classic Flybridge, 58 Classic, 58 Flybridge, and the 55 Flybridge and classic are all standing out amongst peers and have become a classic in the yachting community.

SYS Yacht Sales offers new Vicem Yachts for sale in all of the Americas. This includes North, South & Central America as well as Canada and the Caribbean. Contact us for more information on any of the models you see here or to learn about the quality pre-owned Vicem yachts currently on the market.

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The new series is thrillingly represented by the 46m, the 35m Tri-Deck and the 32m RPH (Raised Pilot House). Sprung from the design tables of renowned Dutch Naval Architect Frank Mulder and the award-winning interior design firms of Art-Line Interiors, Wetzels Brown Partners and Ken Freivokh.

Vicem's Vulcan line is a fiberglass sandwich (core cell infused with epoxy) that is as well built as it is beautiful. Vicem has a dedication - some say an obsession - to be second to none. This is what motivates Vicem Yachts to build the finest yachts afloat. This dedication will assume a physical, floating presence among the most picturesque harbors in the world.

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Vicem envisioned the Cruiser Series as a step up from even our unusually high standards towards another level of style, luxury and spaciousness. These higher-volume, longer range motor yachts are the perfect bridge from classic, traditional full displacement yachts towards modern, semi-displacement performance specs. They are capable of undertaking demanding voyages with low fuel needs and ultimate comfort.

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In 1991 Vicem made the biggest splash of all with the introduction of their Classic series. For a builder in Turkey to produce the epitome of classic Down-East stylings struck some as presumptuous. To Vicem, it was a natural calling – they were irresistibly drawn towards the sirens of form and function.

To endure challenging North Atlantic conditions season after season (and some of the most demanding captains in the world) traditional Maine lobster boats must please both the eye and the sea. Vicem found the Mediterranean offered similar challenges and that our Classic series was the solution.

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