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  • Vicem 58 Classic Flybridge for sale - running
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Vicem 55 Classic & Flybridge

A dedication – some say an obsession – to be second to none. This is what motivates Vicem Yachts to build the finest yachts afloat.

With over 150 boats built over the last twenty years, one model has stood out for best meeting the needs of owners looking to upgrade in size and style from other boats: The Vicem 55 Classic. She provides real, on the water solutions to satisfy the most discerning of yacht owners.

From the very beginning the 55 has showcased our signature design concept: A large cockpit on the same level as a spacious salon. A wide opening cockpit door merges these two key living and entertaining areas better than any boat in this size range. Performances, safety and a superior quality of life on board have made this one of our best sellers around the world.

Vicem now offers this yacht in their traditional and proven cold mold epoxy composite or infused fiberglass construction with approximately the same fast build times. Allow our highly trained professionals to discuss the differences in the build techniques.

SYS Yacht Sales offers new Vicem Yachts for sale. Contact us to learn more about the Vicem 55 Classic & Flybridge and other new models available.

Basic Specs

  • LOA: 55′ 3”
  • Beam: 14′ 9”
  • Draft: 4′ 3”
  • Dry Weight: 48,500 lbs
  • Fuel: 523 gals
  • Water: 214 gals
  • Staterooms: 2 or 3 cabin option


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Vicem Yachts

One of the world’s largest and most respected builders of classic luxury motor yachts.
The beauty of the Vicem Yacht Series is derived from the smooth performance and beautiful interior woodworking style of each vessel. Simply stated, Vicem is a company with a mission: To blend craftsmanship borne from 3,000 years of finely honed woodworking skills with the most advanced technologies available. Their goal is to produce yachts that fully satisfy “The happy few.”

An unwavering devotion to quality is the star around which Vicem’s three key values orbit: Total Customization, Timeless Design, and Excellence in Craftsmanship. Their luxury yachts range from 44 to 151 feet; each yacht is tailored to meet the specific demands of the owner. Whether it is selecting a model in stock or building a custom yacht, starting with a sketch on a napkin to a computer generated 3-D model, Vicem will surely amaze you with their fit, finish and design.

Vicem's cold molded yachts are constructed using African and South American Mahogany and Epoxy resin. Mahogany is a renewable resource, reducing our carbon footprint. Vicem Yachts are constructed in clean factories without the smell of styrene emissions found in polyester fiberglass factories. Every Vicem boat builder is a qualified carpenter who performs at different levels depending on the difficulty of the task.

All wood on a Vicem hull and the keel, chine, sheer, frames, and beams are coated with epoxy resin serving as a moisture barrier. The exterior of the hull and interior of the entire bilge and engine room area is further coated with a layer of E-glass cloth and epoxy resin that is finished with epoxy fairing compounds, epoxy primers, and poly-urethane paint. Over 100 Vicem Yachts up to 92 feet have been built using this time-proven blend of modern and traditional construction methods.

Find out why our clients say again and again, "There is nothing that compares to the quality of a Vicem Yacht."

SYS Yacht Sales offers new Vicem Yachts for sale in the Americas, which includes North, South & Central America as well as Canada and the Caribbean.

Vicem 55 Classic for sale

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