The Next Generation MCY 76 by Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 76 running shot

Posted: July 15, 2019 | Category: Monte Carlo Yachts

The new Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 76 has finally been revealed during an exclusive event, alongside the MCY 66 and MCY 70.

This is the third yacht of the new next generation MCY line, which was recently unveiled at Porto Piccolo, in the Gulf of Trieste. These three new yachts for 2019 mark a new generation for the timeless elegance that has distinguished the Italian yacht maker for over a decade.

The new MCY 76 stands for the company’s ongoing, organic evolution, which seeks to maintain its authentic, elegant and timeless appeal. This evolution is built from continuously improving and innovating upon MCY's prized core characteristics and defining traits.

“The MCY 76 is where it all began over ten years ago,” says Fabrizio Iarrera, Managing Director of Monte Carlo Yachts. “Today, we present its new evolution, thanking all the customers that, over the years, have made an MCY their own. Each MCY is built around the individual, and each is as unique as its owner.”

MCY 76 Overview

At 75' 8", the new 76 offers increased unique customization opportunities in its size category, a trait shared with the MCY 70 and MCY 66. It also offers even greater exposure to natural light afforded by wider windows for an increased personal relationship with the sea. The exterior lines of the 76 are sleeker than ever, inspired by the larger units of the MCY Collection.

"The new MCY 76 is the natural, seamless evolution of the very first yacht we designed with Monte Carlo Yachts over a decade ago," say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. “We have worked on many projects since then, and each of them is recognizably an MCY while having its own distinct personality and allure. Going back to the MCY 76 has been like coming home, in a way, and finding it more beautiful than ever before.”

As with the new 70 and 66, the MCY 76 features larger than ever interior spaces, enhanced exposure to natural light, and unprecedented custom layout configurations. The main highlights are increased privacy, extreme comfort, and personalization.

The presence of multiple living spaces on the main deck enables individuals to relax on comfortable sofas and armchairs, or dine on the spacious Carrara marble table. A fully equipped galley is naturally integrated in the saloon layout, and is designed to fulfill the owner’s desires.

The interiors are highlighted by three-dimensional decor elements, which are combined with an elegant and sophisticated pairing of fabrics and wood panels. Pierre Frey, Hermès and Rubelli textures are only a few of the wide range of high quality materials that can be chosen by the customer to furnish their MCY 76. White and grey pickled oak woods, combined with lacquered and reflective details, enrich the elegant interior design from the main deck all the way through the lobby and the interior of each of the four cabins.

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Innovation alongside continuity is the concept behind the second generation MCY Collection. Know-how investments, dedication and a positive attitude will continue to drive the brand in the long-run. The MCY 76, together with the MCY 70 and MCY 66, will be on show at the next season Boat Shows, in Cannes and Genoa.

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